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Empowered Boost Antidepressants and depression have a proven effect on sexual performance. It is not always easy to distinguish whether medication or the disease itself is the cause of sexual problems. Many people may not be aware of the disease, and may only complain about the deterioration of sex life. Sexual disorders often coexist with depression, but you always have to think about which problem appeared first: whether it is problems in the intimate sphere that cause dissatisfaction with life and worsening mental well-being, or whether depressed mood and other changes in the course of depression lead to to reduced satisfaction with sex? This question should be sought from specialists Empowered Boost who can find out what is the reason for the ailment. In diagnosing depression, many aspects and symptoms are taken into account, their duration (minimum 2 weeks) and impact on daily activity are carefully assessed. Sleep disturbances, increased irritability, loss of confidence, difficulty concentrating are some of the many points that may lead to the diagnosis of depression. It is said that about 35-47% of people suffering from depression complain of problems in intimate life . They result not only from a general change in behavior, loss of interest in the pleasures of life, deterioration of relationships with a partner, but also from purely chemical changes occurring in the brain. A whole range of substances that are responsible for mood and motivation to act are completely unstable when suffering from depression . Empowered Boost Reviews imbalance also translates into the sexual sphere, because the brain is actually the largest sexual organ. It is in him that desire begins, ideas and expectations are created. People with depression usually complain of: reduced or complete lack of sexual desire longer time to reach orgasm, generally less satisfaction with sex that doesn't give you as much satisfaction as it once did. Men may have problems with erection or premature ejaculation (ejaculation). Research shows that women suffer more from difficulties in the intimate sphere. Depression treatment and sexual performance Theoretically, the treatment of depression should bring improvement in all spheres of human life, including sexual. They raise the mood, restore the will to live, increase interaction with the environment, which positively translates into relationships with a partner. All these changes result from the effects on the brain's chemical environment of the drugs being administered. Unfortunately, like all medications, these also have side effects. It is often said that they relate to the sexual sphere. Drugs that are most related to intimate problems include: Selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors ( SSRIs - Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibiotrs ), which include: citalopram , escitalopram, fluoxetine, fluvoxamine, paroxetine and sertraline.